Our first priority is to deliver to our customers the comfort of knowing that all aspects of their lawn and landscape are being well cared for.  We want you to use and enjoy your land, and we work hard to make it blossom for you.  With our low-chemical usage approach and constant monitoring, we're going to be on top of any problems that occur.  Should a remedy be required, you can be sure that we'll take the gentlest approach possible.

Since 1993 BIOLAWN has been offering complete lawn and landscape maintenance packages to homeowners and businesses in NW Franklin county.  Our dedication to your property has allowed us to achieve a customer retention rate of over 98%  Furthermore, by offering our services as a package, we simplify the demands on your time.  Whatever your lawn and landscape needs are, we can usually take care of it for you.  You only have to deal with one company.  One company constantly aware of what's taking place in your outdoor living environment. 

     The services we provide is by no means a random list, but rather the result of all our efforts, education and training.  We don't strive to mimic our competitors, but set ourselves apart by providing dependable, consistent and high quality services that will allow you to show off your property at its very best.  This commitment is reflected in our average annual customer retention rate of over 98%. 

     After all, whether it's your home or your place of business, the outdoor environment is the first impression visitors receive.  And we know you have more things to attend to than your lawn and landscape.